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 prof.  mario eboli



Born in Caserta (Italy) on the 11/12/1961 

Work experience:

 Nov. 2002

  • Associate Professor of Economics, Facoltà di Economia, Università "G. d'Annunzio", Pescara

 Oct. 2001 - Nov. 2002 

  • Assistant Professor of Economics, Facoltà di Economia, Università "G. d'Annunzio", Pescara

 dec. 1996 - sept. 2001

  • Assistant Professor of Economics, Facoltà di Economia, Seconda Università di Napoli

 Oct. 1995 - June 1998

  • Visiting Scholar, Department of Economics, Stanford University (California), working with Professor Kenneth J. Arrow on computational models of decision making under uncertainty.

 Sept. 1994 - Sept. 1995

  • Lecturer, University of East Anglia, School of Economics, Norwich (GB).

 Sept. 1991 - Dec. 1991
 and July 1989 - March 1990

  • Assistant Professor of Economics, 'STOA' School of Business Administration, Ercolano, Napoli.


 June 1995

  • Summer school "Learning and Evolution in Games and Economics", Institute for Advanced Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

 June 1992

  • Summer School in the Economics of  Information, Institute for Advanced Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

 Nov. 1989 - Sept. 1993

  • Ph.D. in  Economics, University of Naples. 

 Oct. 1988 - June 1990

  • Master of Philosophy in  Economics, University of Cambridge, Darwin College.

 Nov. 1987

  • Laurea (first degree) in Economics, earned 'magna cum laude', Facoltà di Economia, Università di Napoli "Federico II".


Published works:

  1. "Financial applications of Flow Network theory", in Squillante, M., Araceli, P.A. and Kacprzyk, J. (editors), Dynamics of socio-economic systems, Springer. Forthcoming.
  2. "Direct Contagion in Financial Networks with Mark-to-Market and Historical Cost Accounting Rules", International Journal of Economics and Finance, November 2010, vol. 2, n° 5. [download pdf]

  3. "An Algorithm of Propagation in Weighted Directed Graphs with Applications to Economics and Finance", International Journal of Intelligent Systems, vol. 25, 237-252, 2010, special issue on ‘Decision Making in Social Networks’. 

  4. "Entrepreneurs as forecasters and a market for their services",Studi Economici, n. 92, 2007, p. 69-92

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  11. "The finance of fixed and working capital: an exercise on stock-flow modelling", Studi Economici, nº 3, 1991.


Working papers and conference proceedings:

  1. "Liquidity flows in interbank networks", with Fabio Castiglionesi, presented at the conference ‘Financial Networks’, June 10, 2011, Geneva Finance Research Institute, University of Geneva, Switzerland. [Liquidity flows in interbank liquidity networks.pdf]

  2. "The mechanics of direct contagion in financial systems: a flow network approach", Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Computing in Economics and Finance (CEF 2011), held in June in San Francisco by the Society for Computational Economics and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco [download The mechanics of direct contagion in financial systems]. Early versions presented the Bank of England, May 2004, and at the Bank of Denmark, September 2007 with the title Systemic risk in financial networks: a graph-theoretic approach.

  3. "Information processing and asset trading specialization", Proceedings of the ‘7th International Conference in Applied Financial Economics’, Samos (Greece), July 2010.

  4. "Cross-holding of debt and mark-to-market contagion", Proceedings of the ‘6th International Conference in Applied Financial Economics’, Samos (Greece), July 2009.

  5. "Imitation and the diffusion of innovation in e-commerce", February 2001. Proceedings of the ‘7th International Conference of the Society for Computational Economics’ (27-29 June 2001, University of Yale, New Haven, USA). Downloadable: 

  6. "Entrepreneurship, knowledge and innovation", Maggio 2001, presented at the University of Rome "La Sapienza", Dipartimento di Economia Pubblica, and at the University of Salerno, Centro Studi Economia e Finanza.

  7. "On the Computational Cost of Inference", mimeo, April 1999. Presented at the conference ‘Computing in Economics and Finance’ 2000, Barcelona (Spain), July 2000, and at the Inference Group Seminars, Department of Astrophysics, Cambridge University, August 2000.

  8. "Firms' performance under uncertainty: the entrepreneur as a forecaster", Working Paper n. 2, 1997, Collana ISFSE - CNR. Presented at the Department of Economics, Stanford University, March 1997.

  9. "On the theoretical weakness of the 'extended version' of the Q theory of investment", Discussion Paper nº 9506, School of Economics, University of East Anglia, December 1992.

  10. "Is the Endogenous Money Supply driven by the Demand for Money Balances or by the Demand for Credit?", May 1990, mimeo, Marshall Library, Cambridge University.

  11. "Wage Bargaining and Unemployment in U.K. over the period 1960-'85", March 1989, mimeo, Marshall Library, Cambridge University.

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